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Our digital image database is under continuous development, and will eventually offer remote access to selections from the Library’s amazing wealth of images in the Special Collections, Archives and Gallery. The MMU Library is rich in Special Collections, especially in the art and design area. The Library’s main printed book special collection is one devoted to Book Design, which covers some 12,000 British private press and commercial publications including extensive holdings of twentieth century Artists’ Books. The related archives contain the papers of artists such as John Farleigh, Barnett Freedman and Paul Hogarth. A rich collection of Victorian ephemera includes the Sir Harry Page and Laura Seddon collections of Victorian albums and greeting cards. The Gallery collection originated in a body of work collected by the Manchester Art School from the 1890's and includes ceramics, glass, metalwork, wood, jewellery, ethnography, prints, drawings and works on canvas. Further information about the collections can be found on the Special Collections page.

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